This is a safe place for the magic makers, dreamers, creatives, healers, shamans, visionaries, medicine women, innovators, artists and entrepreneurs. 

This place is where you can:

  •  dive into your stuff and know you’ll emerge, inspired and renewed  
  • come undone and then come together better than before
  • uncover your soul’s hidden secrets and often times illusive wisdom
  • journey to the dark places of your psyche
  • face your fears and insecurities
  • process and reflect on your life and experiences so that you continue to bring your magic, your gifts and healing to the planet
  • this is a place of dreams, intuition, and imagination.  This is a sacred genuine place of innovation, inspiration and authenticity.  

I am here to help you dive deep.   To play in the shadows, dreams and underworld. Where you can safely come undo weaving back together only the pieces you need.  To play in innovation and enlightened transformation.  I am here to help you align and connect to your deepest self. To guide you in discovering hidden aspects of you to enliven your dynamic flow of intuition, magic, power and healing. I will help you express your unique wisdom and truth.  I bring genuine and authentic empathy, compassion and love to all our interactions. 

I am a registered psychotherapist, with certificates in Transpersonal Counseling and Child and Adolescent Counseling.  As well as, an intuitive and empath.  I also use shamanic traditions, and work with your Akashic Records.  

That's not all!  Together we can work with your dreams, shadow side, inner and outer creative, as well as, connecting to ancestors and guides!



phone: 720-238-2054