Ready to delve into your dreams?

Wish you could remember your dreams?  Wake up with a nagging feeling that your dream was trying to tell you something? Wish you understood your personal dream symbolism? Want to create your own personal dream rituals?

Then you are at the right place.  I offer several ways to work with your dreams.  We can work together individually (via in person, phone or internet), you can sign up for my free email series on Dream Weaving or you can be the first to be in the know for my online dream class.

Why work with me? Well because I know my dream stuff.  Not only do I have a certificate in Transpersonal Counseling (which teaches ways to work with dreams), I love dreams, I love discovering their meanings and finding ways to honor them in waking life!  And I want to share my dreaming knowledge with you! 

Ready to decode your dreams and discover the messages trying to reach you?

Want to start working with your dream? Sign up for my free email series.  This week long email series will help you to start developing a dreaming routine, as well as, ways to help remember and decode your dreams.  This is perfect for the busy person with a curiosity and a desire to learn more about their dreams.  

Did you take the "What Kind of Dreamer are You" quiz? If so, this class is wonderful for the Detached Dreamer, whose looking for a starting point and great for the Dabbling Dreamer providing a dreaming foundation.  

Want more dreamy fun?  Take my class designed to help you decode your dreams!

This is an in depth class designed to enhance your dreaming practice. It will provide you with tons of tools for working with your dreams, understanding your dream, and fun dreaming activities.  This class will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and your world.  

Did you take the "What Kind of Dreamer are You?" quiz, if so, this class is perfect for the Dabbling Dreamer and Deft Dreamer (adding to your dream tool kit). 

Want to peel back the multiple layers of your dream? 

Ready for the one on one to get into the nitty gritty of you, your soul and your dreams?  Then it's time to book a session.  I can't wait to work with the juicy deliciousness of your dreamworld with you!

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