Empath and Starseed Academy-101- The Basics

Empath and Starseed Academy-101- The Basics


Before you can save the world? Use your superpowers to achieve your dreams. You have to understand what they are and how they work.

This class is designed for starseeds and empaths. You’ll understand how you process, filter and hold emotions and energy. How emotions and energy affect you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Create meaningful rituals that support you, so you can live your soul’s purpose, thrive and not carry the weight of the world.

Week 1:Physical

  • Learn where your body holds emotions, energy and trauma

  • Learn how different environments affect you and how to read various environments

  • Create practices that support your body regardless or where you are

Week 2: Emotional

  • Whose emotions are you feeling?

  • How to identify the emotions you are feeling and if they belong to you

  • How to clear, release and honor emotions you are feeling

  • What is the message?

Week 3: Mental

  • The mind game, monkey mind and feeling like your mind is running in circles and what to do about it

  • Over thinking and what to do about it

  • When doubt and fear keep you stuck

  • Understanding anxiety and depression

  • Moving from head thinking to heart centered thinking

Week 4: Spiritual

  • Connecting to your highest self

  • Connecting to your support team (guides, angels, ancestors, ascended masters, teachers)

  • Understanding your spiritual connection, how it manifests and how to work it

Each week create rituals that support and honor you and aid you manifesting and creating the life you desire.

After you complete this class you, you are ready for the advanced class where you learn how to harness your superpower to create change, manifest your dreams and create abundance!

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On line weekly for 4 weeks, starting 11/4, 5 PM PST

minimum of 3 participants