Parent Trap

Parent Trap


Healing the parental wound and raising the sensitive child

Our parenting style is learned from our parents, either how we want to be or don’t want to be. Our parenting style in influenced by our personality, our child’s personality, books, friends, pop culture, media, classes, our environment, culture and social economics. Often our parenting style autopilot until we come into conflict with those who have different parenting style then our own. Our parenting styles affect not only us, but our relationships with our children, family, spouse and friends.

Who are you has a parent? How does your parenting style affect your child? Is your child highly sensitive? Sensitive children come with their own unique challenges. Or do you desire to raise a compassionate, empathic child? Learn tools to support your sensitive child and ways to encourage compassion and empathy.

What you’ll learn:

Week 1: past

  • What you learned from your parents and ancestors

  • Identify family traumas

  • Map your family patterns and dysfunction

  • Identify the wound(s)

Week 2: present

  • Identifying your triggers, parent’s triggers, your child’s triggers

  • Who are you as a parent

  • How to deal with the emotions of being a parent

  • Who your child is as a person

  • How to parent the sensitive child

Week 3: future

  • How to connect to your child

  • Creating loving boundaries

  • Creating meaningful relationships

Each week you will learn to create a ritual that celebrates you and your family. You release and heal identified family patterns and trauma.

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3 weeks on line

video available if unable to attend

Classes start 12/2 at 6 PM PST

minimum of 3 participants