Akashic Reiki


The magic of Akashic reiki

Akashic Reiki is everything I love about being a healer. It is pure magic!

Akashic reiki is a combination of reiki, akashic record readings, tarot/oracle reading and intutition. It's energy work on steroids. 

Akashic reiki:

  • opens and aligns chakras- providing you with insights on what chakras are blocks and ways to work with that paticular energy center
  • healing mind, body, emotions and spirit- providing insight into those places you are stuck and how to move through what holds you back
  • meet, understand and learn to love your shadow side (the parts of you you judge and hid)
  • gain wisdom from guides, ancestors, ancended masters and past lives
  • have more energy and overall feel better

I never know what is going to come through when I do an akashic reiki reading, what I do know is what you need to hear comes out. The places that need healing the most receive it.

$111 for 60 minutes