Akashic Record Readings


Questioning your path in life? Searching for answers? Feeling disconnected? 

An Akashic record reading could be the solution.

The Akashic Records as the big book of you.  It’s everything you; past, present and possible future.  It’s possible future because anything can happen and you have the power to change your future.  And past, not only means this lifetime but past lifetimes as well.

Everyone has an Akashic record.  And anyone can tap into their records. 

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In a reading, your guides, ancestors, loved ones will join us to provide you with the information you need to know right now in your life.  You might come in wanting information about your marriage and all you get is information about your career.  Trust the process, there is reason why you are getting the information you are getting, even if it's unclear at the time.

Akashic record readings are a beautiful healing experience.  They provide you with new insights and perspectives.  We delve into your soul and help you move forward on your soul's path. You will see where you are stuck, what needs your attention, where energy is blocked and needs to be moved.  

I never know what is going to come up or who will show up.   I know that each reading is powerful and moving.  I am graced with helping you dive more into your path in this life time. 

I bring an added extra to each reading, as a trained psychotherapist, I am able to tap into emotions, emotional blocks and thought processes that are affecting you. As a reiki master, I am tapping into the your energy, your chakras and your body that could also be influencing you. 


$110 for 50 insightly healing minutes

call 720-238-2054 or email forwardkindheart@gmail.com to book your appointment