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Transforming Living, Enhancing Being



Forward Kind Heart?

Forward Kind Heart  has been a part of me, for as long as I can remember. The words of my ancestors sharing the wisdom that guided them, and thus guiding me. It is the words that have inspired, motivated and lead generations.

Forward is the the action of movement and doing. Not staying stagnate or stuck. The art of creation and reaching dreams.

Kind is a way of being. An attitude and principle for the way I treat myself and others. With kindness, compassion, empathy and positive regard.

Heart is how I live. By and through my heart. It is my tool for navigation on my path foward.

Forward Kind Heart is the art of living life through kindness and lead by my heart. It is the act of ever creating and manifesting for the greatest good of all. It is being in alignment with my highest and truest self.

I am on a mission to support others in aligning with their highest self and living from their heart, living their best life!



“I am, and always will be, the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of improbable dreams.” - Eleventh Doctor, Doctor Who

Believe in: Magic. Miracles. The Universe. Love. Happiness. Transformation. The power of plants. Healing. The power of voice and stories. Creative self expression. People. Community. The beauty of existence.  Dreams. Imagination.

Dream of: A world filled will unconditional love and unconditional acceptance of self and others. 

Love: Communing with people.  A-ha moments.  Witnessing people’s stories. Reading. Rainy days. Hot drinks. Wind in my hair. Fur babies. Family. Nature. Pop culture. Zombies. Horror movies. Glitter. Flowers. Art. Music (currently listening to The Prodigy and The Gorillaz) Smiles.  Hugs.  The moon. Stars.  The cosmos.  Crystals.  Music.  Photography. Architecture (the older the better). Creating. Laughter. The smell of rain. A hot bath on a cold night. Museums. Divine guidance.   Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Expanse, Rick and Morty and Alice in Wonderland. 



Expanding being