How to survive emotionally when disaster strikes

How to survive emotionally when disaster strikes

For those of us who are moved, who want change, to make the world a better place.  Whose hearts cry every time we hear of another horrifying event. For those of us who know people first hand, who have experienced pain and trauma.  This is for you!

Communicating without words

Communication of emotions without words

There is it.  You’ve stopped in your tracks.  This beautiful painting that has prohibited you from moving on, drawn you in and now you are lost in and held captive by its images.

Frustrated, sitting in traffic.  Then you hear it. That song.  You crank up the dial.  Forgetting the traffic, getting lost in the words as the rhythm takes over your body.

Art moves us.  It is a nonverbal form of communication.  Much like our dreams.  Images and rhythms are allowed to express where words fall short. 

Sometimes, emotions are more easily shared without language and through art. 

Sometimes, it is easier to release and share anger by painting or listening to loud music, even screaming or banging drums. 

Sometimes tears are more easily shared through drawing or photography, or listening to music that stirs the sadness, allowing it to flow.  

felt emotions through the body and art

We don’t always have to express our emotions through language.  We have become conditioned to talk about how we feel.  To express ourselves through our words.  And we love stories.  Stories are how we connect to each other. However, sometimes, words fall short.  They do not capture the soul’s plight.  Language can hinder the release and expression of emotion by bounding and restricting it.  Art can help release and express emotions beyond the constraints of language.  Allowing emotions to express themselves through color and movement. Then you can go back and tell the story, process with words.

The best way to express emotion through art is to just let it out, don’t try and stop it, judge it, think about it, plan it, just let it out.  Don’t let your ego censor you or convince you that you are not an artist, that you are no good, this is silly or you just can’t.   That is not what this process is about.  This process is about expression and release, so let it out.  Let the paint fly, the colors flow, the ink bleed, the shutter snap away.  Your feet stomp and body sway. Let the emotion express itself and release its self, through your body.  Not through your thoughts or ego.  But just let it happen. Give yourself permission to let it out, uncensored.  Give yourself permission to feel it.

When anger starts to boil and rise to the surface, play that song that you scream to, stomp your feet and raise your fists.  Grab your paints and let them fly.  Grab your pens and let the scribbles cover the page.  Let it be what it needs to be.  And when you are done.  Step back.  Take a couple deep breathes. Sigh your relief and be grateful for this outlet of nonverbal expression.

When you start to feel the tears welling up, your face turning red.  Play that song that makes you cry.  Allow your body to rock and sway.  Again, grab the paints or markers and just let whatever needs to come out, come out. 

You are releasing emotions that needs to be expressed.  These emotions don’t need words, they don’t need your mind and thoughts to understand them.  They just need to be freed.  To be expressed. 

Our bodies hold our emotions and through art and movement, you allow your body to release them. To express them.  To be freed of them. 

dance body emotion

Give yourself permission this week to non-verbally express your emotions.  Whatever they maybe.  I have included anger and sadness because these seem to be the two that we fight the most.  Find time, that you can be alone.  Honor what comes up. Don’t censor, just let them be.  Set the intention, that you are releasing the emotions you are holding onto.  And when you are done, if you need to process.  Journal.  Talk to a friend, your therapist.  Because that’s what we do.  We create stories to understand ourselves. You just need to let the emotion out before you can use words to understand it. 

What to do if you are an Empath

stop being a sponge, tools for empaths

You can feel it before you enter the room.  The stirring of emotions. Anger, sadness, anxiety, joy.  And now you feel unsettled.  Have you ever been  with a depressed friend and after leaving them you find yourself sinking in depression?  Or ask your lover what is wrong and he/she says nothing and you know in your gut something is wrong, they just don’t know it, yet?

Empaths are people who feel the emotions of people around them.  They can feel the energy in the room. I believe most of us are empathic, just not all of us tune into it.

Empath tool kit

Tools to help:

1.     Know you. Awareness and acknowledgement. Listen to your gut.  Address your needs.  It is easy to become a sponge sucking up everyone’s emotions and losing your own.  Know when you are overwhelmed.  Know when to set boundaries.  Know when you need time to decompress and sort through the web of emotions you are tangled in. Take time each day, to ask yourself, "Is this mine or someone else's?" If it's not yours, let it go. 

2.     Boundaries.  Being an empath doesn’t mean you have to hold someone else’s emotions.  It just means you are aware.  You can bring their attention to what you are feeling.  But you don’t have to hold it, because it’s not yours to hold.  It’s theirs. So, give it back. Taking it on does no good for you or them. Even by acknowledging the feeling, you are releasing it. 

3.     Support system. Have people you can turn to.  That you can talk to.  Those people who will listen to you.  Those people who will jump in the hole with you and just be.  Don’t discount your pets, if you have them.  Dogs, cats and horses can be incredible healing allies.

Self-Care tools:

1.     Crystals. Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. Carry this stone in your pocket to remind you that you are unconditionally loved.  As well as, that to love others you don’t have to take on their stuff. Black Tourmaline is a protective crystal. Carry this crystal to give you an added buffer between you and the world.

2.     Colored light. Before you venture out of your house, or room.  Before you deal with the world.  Surround yourself in a bubble of light, any color, just not black.  Throw in some glitter, because glitter is reflective and negativity can bounce off of your glitter.

3.     Bug zapper. Start with the colored light above. Now imagine that you are inside a bug zapper, only this bug zapper zaps away negativity and all that does not serve your highest good.

4.     Salt bath with aromatherapy and herbs. Epson salt or Himalayan salt is very cleansing.  After a long hard day, take a bath with either salt.  Set the intention that the salt water is taking away all that has stuck to you, consciously or unconsciously. You can also add lemon or lime juice or essential oils, both are also very cleansing and clearing. You can also add fresh lemon grass or lemon balm which are also very clearing (don’t have fresh herbs add the oils).

5.     Release and Refill.  Great to do at the end of the day. Click for the meditation. Get comfortable, either sitting or lying down. Set the intention, out loud, that you are, “Releasing and letting go all that no longer serves you consciously or unconsciously for your highest spiritual good.” Allow it to drain away, going into the Earth to be recycled.  Once you feel that you have released everything.  Let the Earth’s energy spiral up from the Earth and fill you. Let cosmic energy spiral from the sky through your crown and fill you.  As you fill yourself, say, “I love me!” and “I love you!” Set the intention that you are filling you with you.

Empathy is my super power

Being an empath can be amazing.  It can help you connect to people and even help people better understand themselves.  Being an empath doesn’t have to feel like a burden or a weight.  It is your magical power, that helps you navigate your world. 

Click for the handy PDF tool kit tips. 

What is therapy?

That feels like such a loaded question.  Therapy is subjective.  You will get different answers depending on who you ask.

To me, therapy is:

A place of deep and profound healing. Here is where you shed the old and embrace the new.  You work through pain and trauma, empowering it to be a source of potency and strength not a shame or guilt.

A place to be heard and seen as you. Uncensored.

A place to explore and process your life, your stories, your experiences, your beliefs. All that affects you and you on a soul level.

A place to laugh. To learn. To expand. To grow. To play.

A place where you meet your shadow. Unleash your creativity. Connect to guides. Explore dreams. Find your voice.

A place to see what archetypes, myths and legends affect you and your life. 

A place to explore your family. Your ancestors.  To heal family wounds and traumas. A place to honor your family. Your ancestors. Their stories which influenced your story.

A sacred play to wash, to breath, to burn, to plant.

Ultimately therapy is your place.  It’s a safe sacred retreat. Wrapped in magic and ritual. Held in unconditional love.  So that you can heal on a soul level. To be the authentic beautiful you, happy and whole.  And prepared for whatever life throws at you. 

Still need some work on my editing skills.  Hope you enjoy the video :)

Can You Help Me?

Can You Help Me?

Yes, I can! (don't feel like reading, click the yes I can for the recorded version)

I only ask a couple things of you:

I ask you to meet me in the middle.  You need to show up.  Bring your shit.  The stuff that keeps you up at night.  The stuff that you are afraid to share with anyone else.  The stuff you hide under your bed.  The stuff that bothers you.  The stuff you need to process.  The stuff you need to let go of. 

Bring your demons.  The skeletons in closet. Your baggage. Your regrets and guilts.  Bring it all. 

Bring your dreams. Your hopes. Fantasies. Creativity. Bring your willingness and curiosity. 

Bring you.

We are going to set you free from that which binds you.  We are going to connect you to your truth, your soul!  So you can shine and share your beauty with the world.

This is a time for you to explore your life, your experiences, your feelings, uncensored. A time to express, discover, and be authentically you. 

What do I bring?

I will bring empathy and compassion. An open heart. Intuition. Curiosity. Unconditional love. 

I will listen to you, I will see and hear you. 

I also bring a treasure trove of tools to share and teach you!

Because when you work with me, you get me.  I care about you and your story, I want to see you happy and healed and whole.  I see your soul, your truth, your radiant beauty.

Therapy for me and I hope you, is much more than talking.  It’s an experience.  It’s magical transformation. It’s unleashing your creativity, freely expressing yourself.  It’s meeting guides and ancestors.  It’s connecting to your soul.  It’s releasing all that keeps you from being the amazing you. It’s a place where you can be authentically you, without fear or reservation.

I love using intuition, creativity, ritual, cards, guided imagery, shamanic journeying, shadow work, akashic records (not sure what it is, click here), nature, astrology, and much more.

I want you to be empowered.  I want you to have a safe sacred space to be seen and heard. To express yourself. To share and explore your life story.

I offer a place to be uncensored authentically unapologically beautifully you. 

Gotta love my expression- looks like I need to practice my editing :)  Enjoy the video.  Also, I created a PDF to help you start to look the places that are keeping you from being AMAZING!

I'd love to hear from you what keep you from shining!