In person


come and work with me in person

Ready to improve you daily life and heal where you are stuck?

Visit sacred healing space designed to facilitate your healing and growth. This space is created with unconditional love, positive regard and respect. 

Experience an akashic reiki session where you receive the universal energy healing mind, body, and spirit. Tap into your guides, ancestors and past lives. Anything is possible in an akashic reiki session, they are absolutely divine!

Want just a reiki session? No problem, come in relax and receive. Healing where you are stuck or sick. 

Curious about your life path: past, present or future? Come a receive an akashic record reading where we gain insight into your life supported by guides, ancestors and more. 

Nightmares? Puzzling dreams? Ready to gain understand you can use? Let's explore your dreams to deepen your connection to you and improve your life. 

Are you empath struggling to stay afloat? My empath coaching could be just what you are looking for.  You can create a full life with loving boundaries that doesn't feel like it drains and depletes you. 

Not sure? No worries, we can talk about what you what to accomplish by working with me and tailor your experience to best benefit you and your journey. 


 Call720-238-2054, or email, forwardkindheart@gmail, to book now.