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What is Forward Kind Heart?

Forward: Movement, action, doing

Kind: a standard, a principle, an attitude

Heart: A way to live, by and through your heart

Forward Kind Heart: Moving toward a state of being in alignment with your truest self

Forward Kind Heart Intuitive Coaching

Coaching: Moving (forward) into the empowered empath (kind heart). A place where empathy no longer controls or dictates your life. A state where empathy becomes your tool to navigate and enhance your life.

Reiki: Clearing (forward) up energy that you (the empath-heart) has taken on (kind), tuning (forward) into your body's (heart) wisdom (kind) and becoming a conduit (living from forward kind heart). 

Akashic Record Readings: Accessing cosmic (kind) wisdom to guide your your soul (heart) on it's journey (forward).

Dream interpretation: Connecting (forward) with your inner and deepest wisdom, receiving guidance from guides, your soul(heart) to provide you with insight on your soul's path (kind). 

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Forward Kind Heart Intuitive Coaching